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Tampa Car Accident Attorney

Injured in a car accident in Tampa, FL?

Car accidents are the number one leading cause of injuries in the United States. Thousands of Americans sustain injury every day on our roads and highways. When you have been involved in a serious accident caused by another, you may be unaware of what should be done after an accident. That is why it is important to consult with a Tampa car accident attorney immediately following the crash. At the Givens Law Firm, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in pursuing the compensation you need in order to recover from your losses.

There are many details about insurance claims of which most people are completely unaware. While you may believe your case is clearly the other person's fault, the insurance company may not and could very well deny your claim. Our firm can skillfully investigate the facts of your accident to prove negligence and ensure that there is no insurance bad faith occurring. Our goal as your legal advocate is to maximize all possible claims you can present for compensation, including medical bills, lost earnings, property damage, future medical care requirements and even pain and suffering in the case.

Proving Negligence
When dealing with a car accident, one of the most important aspects of seeking full financial compensation will be in successfully proving negligence. This negligence could mean that the other driver was distracted, was under the influence of alcohol or drugs or could even mean that they had been negligent in maintaining their vehicle so that it posed as an obvious danger on the road. This is not a simple matter and it is important that if you are looking to successfully prove liability that you take immediate steps following the car accident. By gathering photographic evidence, talking to eye witnesses and obtaining the police report, steps can be made towards helping you obtain the just outcome that you deserve. At our firm, we know that this is a process and we are dedicated to helping you in every way possible. Click here to read more about proving negligence.

Tampa Car Accident Lawyer

Our firm can assist in any type of car accident you have been involved in, including: T-bone accidents, rear-end accidents, head-on accidents, rollover accidents, interstate accidents, and surface street accidents. We also help our clients to resolve auto product liability claims which may have led to an accident, including such things as seatbelt malfunction and any accidents resulting in wrongful death. Whether you have sustained a spinal cord injury, catastrophic injuries, traumatic brain injury, burn injury or even an accidental amputation, our legal team is here to protect your rights.

Our firm has been assisting clients in the Tampa area for decades, bringing victims of car accidents successful resolution to their personal injury claims. The firm is an AV-rated law firm, having been selected by their peers to be listed in Best Lawyers in America and with two lawyers listed as Super Lawyers. With our extensive experience, we bring comfort and confidence to our clients, allowing them the time to concentrate on recovering from their injuries while we conduct our investigation into the details surrounding your car accident. Recovering damages for your losses is our mission, allowing you the financial assistance you will require to get your life back to normal.

Get the skilled and knowledgeable legal help you need when injured in an accident by contacting a Tampa car accident attorney today for a free initial consultation.

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